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To start trading send at least 100 hits
with productivity at least 120%
  • No iframes on your pages No consoles And others cheats!!!
  • Only Ebony niche TGP with content! Dont SJs
  • Send 100 hits within 3 hours your trade will be disabled by default contact w me via ICQ to activate the trade!
  • Your productivity must be over 120% (including clicks to galleries)
  • Trade with low productivity or non active trade will be deleted without notice
  • You need to have a toplist on your site
  • Your TGP must have at least 50% skim
  • Use title for your top: Fresh Ebony Movies

Email: alex at tgpteam dot com, ICQ: 279463663, alex
Site name: FRESH Ebony Movies
Site description: Hourly Updated Fresh Ebony Porn Movie Galleries

Registration closed.
Please contact webmaster for a trade.

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